Violet Chachki is the proof of the first cross dressing queen of Plus Size Babydoll lingerie brand

Do you imagine seeing a drag queen as proof of a woman’s Plus Size Babydoll lingerie brand? His art name is Violet Chachki, RuPaul’s reality seventh season champion, and is selected as the face (body) Babydoll lingerie brand, new advertising campaign, funny promise. This is the first cross dressing queen underwear brand.

The choice is not surprising, given the changes that have taken place in fashion for some time.

Plus Size Babydoll lingerie

In fact, brands are increasingly open to new concepts of beauty, promoting patterns of incorporation into different races, cultures and genres. From Valentina Sampaio’s first cross model to fashion, cover Ines Rau, Playboy’s first playmate in history.

Violet Chachki, developed a commitment to promote the game inspired imagination Babydoll lingerie Fetish icon new collection, Betty Peggy. Drag queen said: “so excited is that Instagram’s new underwear face Bettie! She has always been a great inspiration to me. I’m happy with the value and inclusiveness of the company and working at the same time! Thank you for so many @bettiepagelingerie @playfulpromises! New collection graphics, interesting, bold, all I love charm and resistance.”

The female intimate collection for Betty Peggy included 3 themes: leopard, fingerprint and mint green, wearing a bra, cufflinks, slippers and pin style in 50 in the last century.

The choice also has a baby, a long locker room and the ancient PI re modeling (a basic block definition of the female form and drag queen).

All the objects found in the underwear in the Plus Size Babydoll lingerie, Betty Peggy’s nifty promise was Violet Chachki.

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