The lazy idiot launched the first range of Plus Size Babydoll lingerie and pajamas and its lovely hell

The lazy idiot has always been the main supplier of Plus Size Babydoll lingerie quirky and cool.

Remember their cat bikini? Epic Hello Kitty collection? Does Disney work with Mickey Mouse’s coarse cotton clothes?

Now, colorful queens have launched their first pajamas and babydoll lingerie lines, which means that your PJ drawer will never be the same, sister!

15 block grid, and surface characteristics of satin, soft baby pink and blue cotton, embroidery, including three sets, two sets of comfortable lazy underwear, pajamas, Plus Size Babydoll lingerie, frilly pink + cotton T-shirt slogan sleep.

All the pajamas will arrive in your arms mounted on a lovely, customized pink and white box (perfect gift yo), even a blindfold, key ring, pillow collection.

The range is larger than the size – this is our favorite work.

Fortunately, lazy fools will bring together new babydoll lingerie and pajamas in all the coming seasons, which is good news for us to become real.

Their next drop will collect the capsule lovers, and we will present ourselves, because if we don’t feel ourselves, who can, you know?

The new plus size babydoll lingerie collection is available from the now lazy GANTON Street store in London, and on their website.

If we don’t buy teddy bear slippers at Christmas, we’ll tip some tables. It’s probably a Christmas dinner table.

Mum, it’s a warning to you.

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