Plus the size of Ashley Grahamsyso’s model in her latest Plus Size Babydoll lingerie series

Entrepreneur, writer, body activist and breakthrough supermodel Ashley Graham, 29, released her more than fourteenth Plus Size Babydoll lingerie line with Montreal brand supplement Elle today.

Collection of labeled purple rain Ashley Graham – consists of eight design sizes available at x-3x and 36dd-42g / hour, ranging in price from $30 to $95.

I’m happy to continue the evolution of my underwear products and increase the Elle team. We’ve worked in many seasons, and now create ideal underwear for all sizes of women. We remain committed to sexy lingerie and support a global trendsetter with new, attractive purple rain collection, “Ashley said.

Following the success of Ashley’s first 13 episodes (dark beauty, seductive, rebellious beauty and more), the purple rain continued to dare to provoke the tone.

The style is elaborately decorated with a new Web lace finish, rich in fiber, purple with fishnet like black lace spinning, reflecting a spider web.

Delicate but powerful, with heavy details, equipped with bows and arrows, hardware, and dramatic black with a dark purple shape.

“We’re excited about our new Plus Size Babydoll lingerie fashion star, Ashley Graham. She represents a woman’s confidence, in addition to ELLE exudes a unique feminist and a sense of balance, coupled with a bold and powerful energy, “said Roslyn Griner, vice president of marketing in addition to ELLE and visual presentation.

With over 30 years of experience in the market size and the clothing series of Babydoll lingerie, plus Elle sportswear, outdoor activities, wear clothing design occupation stimulate female appearance and in every aspect of life that their personal best.

The Plus Size Babydoll lingerie brand promises to provide customers with “fashion democracy”, which is based on the belief that style is not limited by size. Ashley’s erotic activity was photographed by Max Abadian.

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