How to buy wedding babydoll lingerie for your wedding dowry?

And your wedding dowry shopping, don’t forget to put it on a solid foundation: babydoll lingerie. Buying underwear is just as important. It takes as much thought as possible to pick up a suit. There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect underwear. Feeling sexy comes from confidence, and it’s hard to get rid of it if you don’t have confidence in the clothes you’re wearing.

Underwear must be beautiful, comfortable and usable. I hate it when people have to suffer for beauty. This is 2017, and we shouldn’t do it, “Julia Haart, creative director, La Perla told us. From buying babydoll lingerie for another person’s taste without checking the fabric’s texture, fashion Haart lingerie shopping for your wedding is done and not done.

How to buy underwear for your dowry?

You have to know what you like. Everyone’s dowry is different according to their tastes. Obviously, for your wedding night, you want white, wedding, classic. In the white category, we have different ranges, such as bridal haute couture babydoll lingerie lines, where you have complex, handmade beaded gowns, gowns, gowns and bodies that are super beautiful. Or you can go to things that are slightly cheaper, which are still very beautiful, made from French lace.

When you want the perfect bra and panty to set up your wedding night, you can also look at the top, gown, gown. If you want a more modern one, you want a body or a doll in a gown. I’ll also say your dowry, including underwear, you’ll wear under your wedding dress. What you need is super smooth, it fits very well, but it’s still beautiful. You might want something for second days, it would be more fun and more fun. But I would say you went with White on the night of your wedding. We have different options and belt and suspenders is super sexy.

What is the most common problem in stores when customers look for underwear on special occasions?

I’ll tell you what people are asking, and I’ll tell you what people should ask. The most frequently asked question is: “will I wear it in any occasion I wear?” Also, “Is there anything good?” “Most of us have this kind of spot, and we don’t feel very well. We all want something that makes us look more beautiful on special occasions. When it comes to lingerie, a lot of women have a hard time with their bodies.

But the question that many women don’t ask is what I call the face test”. When you buy underwear, I always tell women to wipe their faces. Because the problem is, after 15 minutes of wearing your babydoll lingerie, you’ll find it uncomfortable, and you’ll wish you didn’t buy it. Traditional lace doesn’t stretch, it itches. We developed this line of our underwear, which leads to soft, luxurious underwear, completely sitting in your body stretching.

What is the element of a bride’s dowry?

One day, after your honeymoon, when you get together and eat, you’ll feel fat. I’ll say, “one day a doll like this.” It’s emotional, but it also provides coverage. I think there’s a vest, and the day you can wear a pair of pants or a skirt is very important, and at the end of the day, wear it and the matching underpants.

You should always have a beautiful bra and panty set with suspenders and stockings, no more elegant than this. I design things, and I want every phone call for v-bra dowry needs. A lot of clothes are low cut, you can’t wear bras, so you have to put on protective clothing. But v-bra gives you full support in low cut clothing that is free of line, so uncomfortable. There’s also a strapless version.

Everyone loves clothes, lingerie, just for confidence. If you look at all the body sculpting underwear, it looks the same, and something that we’ve developed looks like lace, so once you take off your clothes, it looks amazing. It hasn’t come to the store yet.

What are the common mistakes consumers make when buying wedding dresses? How to avoid these mistakes?

Two things. First, they bought it for a man. If someone tells me, I’ll talk to them firmly. It’s good that you want to impress someone, but ultimately, the person who has to feel beautiful is yourself. If you like the clothes you wear, you will instantly be confident and charming. No one wants to be with an insecure person.

The second mistake is that people can’t imagine what they’re going to look like on their bodies. No matter what the reason is, they’re uncomfortable. They’re not going to wear it anymore.

How to deal with special underwear?

Most of our babydoll lingerie needs to be washed by hand. Doesn’t mean they need dry cleaning. Wash it with cold water and soap.

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