How did the secret fashion babydoll lingerie show in Vitoria evolve?

Although Victoria’s Secret fashion babydoll lingerie show may be one of the biggest fashion events in the world today, it’s strange that when it first appeared in 1997, it looked a lot different.

Literally as the latest fashion show of the babydoll lingerie brand, the ‘Angel’ style is very simple Chiffon little dress, elegant shawl and small wings occasionally.

Compare 2017, in which VSFS’s immortal fame brought fashion show to a new height, and the final result was amazing. The subtle style and simple beauty of the past, in their place, are 15 feet of wings, shooting fireworks, huge headgear and smaller babydoll lingerie.

Let’s go back and look at the queue. Now, how far is VSFS coming.

babydoll lingerie

babydoll lingerie

babydoll lingeriebabydoll lingerie

babydoll lingerie



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